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[_] Virgin Super Hub - oh dear.

Amias Channer me at
Thu Feb 7 17:15:19 GMT 2013

Hello _

Mine works fine , I've heard there is a high defect rate with these .
Virginmedia will send you a spare if you ask nicely.
I also noticed the superhub is unusually sensitive to having things right
next to it. Give it plenty of space and it works fine. This could be
airflow or signal.
Mine happily does 150mbit wireless all day through the floor.

On 7 Feb 2013 12:32, "Andrew Holway" <andrew.holway at> wrote:


A friend of mine has just took delivery of a shiny new virgin super
hub. We were very excited about it until we realised a coathanger and
a lemon would have a superor wifi performance.

We are planning on putting it in bridged mode and attaching a real
wifi router to one of its annoyingly positioned ethernet ports.

Suggestions for good wireless routers please.



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