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[_] Virgin Super Hub - oh dear.

Alex Martin alex at
Thu Feb 7 13:10:23 GMT 2013

I got an Asus RT-N56U when I realised the Superhub only seemed to have a
useful range of about 3m with no obstructions. I couldn't believe the
difference - wifi now available all over my 3 floor house (router centrally
on 1st floor), and I can attach usb drives to it to act as a NAS.

We got tivo at the same time as the superhub. Spent ages thinking the tivo
made a high-pitched whining noise, until I eventually realised it was the
rubbish netgear power-supply on the superhub. Replaced it with something
from Maplins and it's completely silent now.


On 07/02/2013 12:31, "Andrew Holway" <andrew.holway at> wrote:

> Hello,
> A friend of mine has just took delivery of a shiny new virgin super
> hub. We were very excited about it until we realised a coathanger and
> a lemon would have a superor wifi performance.
> We are planning on putting it in bridged mode and attaching a real
> wifi router to one of its annoyingly positioned ethernet ports.
> Suggestions for good wireless routers please.
> Ta,
> Andrew

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