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Jon Free at
Tue Feb 5 16:37:33 GMT 2013

What because Amazon went down a couple of times and then so did they?

As with anything it's a balance. But if using it meant they could scale a
tiny company into a billion dollar sale without having to buy millions of
dollars worth of hardware then surely it was worth it?

On 5 February 2013 16:30, MJ Ray <mjr at> wrote:

> Jon Free:
> > And they clearly aren't shit are they. Thousands of start-up tech
> companies
> > have been dependant on them. Including Instagram.
> Not sure Instagram is the best counter-argument ;^)
> And remember: if given sufficient thrust, pigs will fly.
> How many tech companies have gone under because of ill-considered
> dependencies?  Not that you'll read that in your headlines.
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