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[_] SEO: Clients Still Clicking Ads

Shane McEwan shane at
Tue Feb 5 15:52:01 GMT 2013

On 05/02/13 15:01, Tim Wintle wrote:
> Remember that the majority of websites you use are funded by
> advertising. Probably a very significant amount of the income people on
> this list make every year comes via online advertising at some point
> paying the bills.

I remember but I never clicked on ads even before I started using an ad 
blocker so I don't think I'm costing anyone any advertising revenue. I 
rarely watch live commercial television and aim to arrive at the cinema 
15-20 minutes late so that I miss the ads.

I feel that my life is better without advertising. If I want to buy a 
car I'll do my own research to make a decision. If I want insurance I'll 
let my insurance broker do the work for me. I'll shop at a supermarket 
that is convenient for when I need to buy food.

The constant bombardment of "buy our stuff and it will . . . save you 
money/make you irresistible to women/feed a village in Africa for a 
month/save a snow leopard from poachers/get you into heaven" just drives 
me nuts.