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[_] SEO: Clients Still Clicking Ads

Rick Hurst rick.hurst at
Tue Feb 5 13:01:37 GMT 2013

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Karl McClelland <karl at> wrote:
> Quick question, but do people still not realise the top listings on Google
> are adwords ?
> I just had a long chat with someone who spends about £50 a day with AdWords
> and said that even if she's organically at the top, potential clients still
> click her competitors ads above her.
> Hmmmm would have thought everyone knew this but she assures me they haven't
> got a clue.

it's almost as if google designed it that way so they get paid for
click-throughs rather than people clicking organic results? But google
wouldn't do that surely? - they clearly have no interest in money, and
have no idea how to get it out of peoples wallets ;)

Rick Hurst