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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Tim Beadle tim.beadle at
Tue Feb 5 12:34:22 GMT 2013

(Late addition to this thread).

Have you seen ?

I started reading the PDF book, which you can get for free and use
their method likewise. If you want to invest a bit, they sell an app
($60 = £38) which may make things easier. It will probably pay for
itself quite quickly.

Apart from that, +1 on making your own food as much as possible. We
buy bread flour in bulk on an Amazon subscription, get bulk stuff from
Goodness Direct etc. (my wife is slightly gluten-intolerant).

We recently switched both our mobiles to Three's £6.90/month sim-only
plan. 200 mins, 5000 texts, 500MB data.

Also: we've been car-free for about 18 months now (we didn't plan it:
the car died and we decided not to replace it). We walk, cycle, use
buses & trains and hire/borrow a car (friends or family, or City Car
Club) on the few occasions we need one.

Living in a city like Bath which has, despite the moaners, pretty good
public transport (and a car club!) certainly helps. Some of these
things may not work so well in more rural or sprawl-suburb locations.

Best of luck in balancing the books.

Cheers, Tim