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[_] Mac Upgrade Woes

Rick Hurst rick.hurst at
Tue Feb 5 09:31:23 GMT 2013

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 9:13 AM, James Bewley <jamesbewley at> wrote:
> OK I'm up and running, so for future reference; by far the most
> straightforward way to upgrade OS X is to download a torrent of
> an unmodified  Mountain Lion disc and install via a USB drive.  Depending
> on your network connection you'll be done in an hour or two.
> As far as hardware requirements for Mountain Lion: there are of course
> no arbitrary restrictions but you must have a Mac with the correct CPU
> architecture as Mountain Lion is only compiled for AMD64 processors (>=
> Intel Core2Duo).  Anything in this list will be fine
> It's working very well on this 'old' hardware (2.2Ghz core2duo/2GB RAM)
> although I would say if you are developing, get a machine with or upgrade
> to 4GB RAM as the memory footprint for xCode, the iOS simulator and browser
> with a couple of tabs is around 2GB.

Interesting - my old black macbook isn't on the list, but it is a Core
2 Duo - the app store refused to let me download mountain lion, saying
my hardware was too old, hence the comment about arbitrarily
restricting me :(

Rick Hurst