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[_] Performance testing, please help!

Martin Wheatley martin at
Mon Feb 4 16:19:45 GMT 2013

On 04/02/2013 4:13 PM, Nick Clarkson wrote:
> yo _
> We've recent completed a site for some friends of the firm. We're having some problems with performance that we're finding difficult to debug.
> Currently some images, css fonts randomly take excessive amounts of time to load and sometimes timeout. We cant reproduce in the office, or anywhere else in fact. We think it may be an issue with their internal network.
> If you get a moment, can you hit this site:
> < particularly this section
> There does seem to be something funny going on with DNS but that may be a red herring.
> We are considering some optimisation measures. sub domain for images, moving config out of .htaccess etc. but we've kinda run out of time.
> The site isn't on super fast servers, its a £5 a month job. But, I would be interested if anyone finds the site unusable, due to performance that is.
> Let me know either way ( with ISP and rough location, we won't share this info, promise )
> Nick Clarkson
> Head of Technology

Getting 403 forbidden on the fonts. Wrong api key possibly ?

Other than that works well in firefox/IE windows, BT fttc 60/20 Mbits