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[_] OT garageband and ipad2

Chris Dawson chris at
Mon Feb 4 09:21:24 GMT 2013

hello musicians, anyone out there used garageband on ipad much? a couple of
issues i've hit straight away and haven't been able to find any answers via

1) can you transpose/pitch shift/tune the software instruments? the real
instrument we have is a semitone lower than the software stuff* and it can't
be tuned - but i can't find a way to global transpose the software to match
it (to play along and/or record).

2) how do you 'monitor' via headphones whilst recording via the ipad's built
in mic? when i plug our headphones in the software (or ipad?) seems to think
the headphones are a mic. am i going to need a hardware input? (or is it cos
my headphones are a new type with 3 band mini jack?)

i'm not looking for 'hi fi' recordings at this stage, just sketchpad stuff.

*which i assume is concert pitch without fully checking.