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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

James jmoverley at
Sun Feb 3 21:36:20 GMT 2013

Carry on from previous (dang Gmail sending to soon)..

Cook in bulk (freeze off portions): if there is a good deal on meat/veg, it
makes sense to bake in bulk, this actually has a couple of benefits:
   1: cooking in bulk, lowers use of cooker / energy
   2: a fuller Freezer actually lowers energy consumption : I heard if your
freeze is mainly empty, to fill it with bottles(plastic) of water, to stop
it from freezing just air!
   3: save on time : with food pre-prepped you can spend some more time
with the kids ;)
   4: life safer if ill : always nice to have some meals stacked up in the
freezer for when the Lurgy comes to visit (you know how it is with kids
+ nursery!)

Another couple of things:

keep track of how much you pay for Internet access etc..
 - companies are really bad at making sure you get the best deal ;) (Virgin
media are one of the worst - double check latest tariffs and be sure you
are being billed correctly!
- move to freeview - do you really need all those channels? ;o) - turn the
dang idiot box off!

if you smoke, STOP - for all the obvious reasons + it really COSTS!! (I
gave up maaaaaany years ago, but remember how surprised at the amount of
money that was still left in my account at the end of the month!)

Drop the "latte's" - Starbucks/Nero/Costa - all expensive bad habits, I can
fully recommend moving to tea's - all of the above named places will give
you cup of hot water FREE of charge ;)
( I know this sounds extremely frugal but - i use to get a medium coffee
every morning,, that soon adds up!)

+ there are some really good articles in there!

Since my wife went on Maternity leave (with our first child) : we really
did notice the savings from avoiding the regular supermarket trips + using
local traders.
With that said however, we still shop online (avoid going to the store +
temptations!) for usual household goods etc..

Ok.. my 2 pennies worth!


On 3 February 2013 21:24, James <jmoverley at> wrote:

> This has all the makings of a skill swap!
> +1 on Lewis's comments.
> Fruit, Veg : from greengrocers - also if you time it right you get some
> damn good deals (usually Mon/Thu mornings, as you catch them just before
> delivery therefore most of their stock goes cheap - this may vary from
> grocer to grocer)
> meat : Use the butcher, you will save a lot of money here + get better
> quality meat - I'll agree with most others here, reduce meat, it is pricey!
> Bakers : this is a tricky one, our local is ok, but you end up buying
> other stuff in there, if you are weak of will ;) - we actually moved to
> make alot of our own bread now, it is cheap and easy once you get the hang
> of it! (+ tastes awesome, note: with kids we get to control how much
> salt,etc.. is in the mix).
> Drop alcohol : it really is costly, perhaps keep that bottle of red for
> special occasions
> Avoid takeaways : they add up! (we Usually treat ourselves to 1 a month if
> that)
> Cook in bulk (freeze off portions): if there is a good deal on meat/veg,
> it makes sense to bake in bulk, this actually has a couple of benefits:
>    1:  cooking in bulk, lowers use of cooker / energy
> On 3 February 2013 18:50, Lewis Dexter Litanzios <
> mail at> wrote:
>> Hey Damian,
>> My http://www.moneysavingexpert.**com/<>tips:
>> 1. Gloucester Road (_fresh_ food shopping)
>> 2.**uk/ <>(_stored_ food shopping, order in
>>    bulk quarterly)
>> 3. Give up alcohol and stick to wholefoods, everything else is a luxury
>>    (**ldexterldesign/status/**250573007695777792<>>
>> 4. Buy your handset outright +
>> 5. Buy a lunch box
>> Let's remember folks: Food, shelter, clothing - basic needs are all that
>> matter all said and done. I challenge anyone to without them for 1 week.
>> We're all lucky as fuck.
>> Best regards,
>> *PS @Rick* Some good points well made bud ;)
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>>> Hello all
>>> I've just finished entering my families entire spending for the year into
>>> agilebase so I can see exactly where my income is going (we tried Lloyds
>>> TSB Money Manager but it's much too vague).
>>> Using agilebase I've got pretty much a perfect dashboard for analyzing
>>> spend.
>>> However, looking at the figures I can't see what I can do to give me some
>>> spare ? at the end of every month. (e.g. Total spend in ALL supermarkets
>>> =
>>> ?115 for a family of four)
>>> I guess we could try and keep supermarket spend down to ?100 p/w then we
>>> would save ?780 over a year
>>> It must be possible to spend less monthly as (generally) I end up with a
>>> zero balance in my bank account (I think it's probably very easy to spend
>>> what you earn)
>>> So my question is: does anybody know of a service/person/people who can
>>> help me make some decisions on where  to cut the spend - really I think I
>>> need those superscrimper peeps or that chap called Alvin to sort us out
>>> P.S. agilebase absolutely rocks for this type of data input and
>>> reporting -
>>> well done Oliver et al!
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