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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Lewis Dexter Litanzios mail at
Sun Feb 3 18:50:57 GMT 2013

Hey Damian,

My tips:

 1. Gloucester Road (_fresh_ food shopping)
 2. (_stored_ food shopping, order in
    bulk quarterly)
 3. Give up alcohol and stick to wholefoods, everything else is a luxury
    ( > )
 4. Buy your handset outright +
 5. Buy a lunch box

Let's remember folks: Food, shelter, clothing - basic needs are all that 
matter all said and done. I challenge anyone to without them for 1 week. 
We're all lucky as fuck.

Best regards,

*PS @Rick* Some good points well made bud ;)

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> Hello all
> I've just finished entering my families entire spending for the year into
> agilebase so I can see exactly where my income is going (we tried Lloyds
> TSB Money Manager but it's much too vague).
> Using agilebase I've got pretty much a perfect dashboard for analyzing
> spend.
> However, looking at the figures I can't see what I can do to give me some
> spare ? at the end of every month. (e.g. Total spend in ALL supermarkets =
> ?115 for a family of four)
> I guess we could try and keep supermarket spend down to ?100 p/w then we
> would save ?780 over a year
> It must be possible to spend less monthly as (generally) I end up with a
> zero balance in my bank account (I think it's probably very easy to spend
> what you earn)
> So my question is: does anybody know of a service/person/people who can
> help me make some decisions on where  to cut the spend - really I think I
> need those superscrimper peeps or that chap called Alvin to sort us out
> P.S. agilebase absolutely rocks for this type of data input and reporting -
> well done Oliver et al!
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