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[_] Want to show off your mobile app talents?

Lyle webmaster at
Sun Feb 3 17:03:26 GMT 2013

Hi All,
   It would be good if we could have a mobile feedback app for the IT 
MegaMeet. Here is the task description:

Creating of a basic cross platform feedback app, with a website backup. 
This is an opportunity for an app developer to showcase their talents, 
and add the IT MegaMeet to their client list. Development would be 
unpaid. Collecting and processing paper based feedback is a long winded 
process. Other instant feedback methods tend to lack detail. Most of the 
people at this event have a smart phone, a feedback app could work. The 
creator would retain rights to the code, but it would be nice if it was 
open source, and we could stick an IT MegaMeet logo on it.

Let me know if you are interested.