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[_] Underscore Digest, Vol 114, Issue 12

Paddy paddy at
Sun Feb 3 13:42:26 GMT 2013

 >That's because we don't have any kids. Cats are a -lot- cheaper.
+1 :-)

Some good advice I heard on the radio the other day was to find your 
most expensive outgoing and concentrate on reducing it by a certain 
percentage within a certain time, then a bit more, etc. Once you've gone 
as far as you can, start on the next biggest outgoing.
1990s programmers will (maybe) recognise the "top down approach" (or was 
that only at Plymuff Poly?)

Also, your partner could do some freelance work and reasonably charge 
maybe charge some of the light/heating to tax.

In the extreme, you could substantially downsize the house! That's a 
scary mortgage bill!
I'm lucky to have accidentally benefitted from the 90s housing boom, 
though I kind of wish I'd bought a more expensive house previously that 
I could've sold for even more! Still, it was enough deposit to only have 
to borrow a 5-figure amount to buy a house in Bristol.

Good luck with your finances, everyone. I've been saving up for a SH 
macbook for months and months....!

- Paddy