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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Feb 1 17:22:51 GMT 2013

On 1 Feb 2013, at 14:29, Damian Webber wrote:

> Hello all
> I've just finished entering my families entire spending for the year into
> agilebase so I can see exactly where my income is going (we tried Lloyds
> TSB Money Manager but it's much too vague).

I tried Lloyds TSB Money manager, but the biggest problem was my mortgage goes through on the last day of the month, or sometimes the first day of the next month. So completely screws up any useful states as sometimes I end up with two showing up in one month.

Yes, it is scary if you start adding up all the utility bills, phones, internet, water, etc etc. I'm in a similar position as I work, and wife is at home looking after kids. Seems no point her earning just to pay childcare and neither of us seeing kids during the day. Which is actually annoying from a tax point of view, as the current system penalises one sole person earning for a household.

We do all our main grocery shopping online, including toiletries, food, drink etc. Which is good as I don't have to spend time in a supermarket and it does save us money as we spend less on impulse purchases. Much easier to work to a budget too as you can fill you basket up with everything, then easily put stuff back at the end to bring you back down under budget. We buy fresh fruit and veg from the veg seller at UWE which saves us loads as he is insanely cheap compared to a supermarket.

I guess out two biggest expenses are gas/elec for the house and diesel for the van. I need some way to stop eldest spending 45 minutes in the shower. I suggested he shorten his showers… he just suggested we increase a his board and lodge. Clearly he has his priorities ;)

Also, keep an eye on things like lunch spending. Quite easily to spend £100 a month on sandwiches/coffee whiteout realising it.


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