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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Martin Wheatley martin at
Fri Feb 1 16:08:27 GMT 2013

Turn down the thermostat on the boiler if it has one, I have mine very 
low, the water/heating is still hot enough.

Also gradually, but don't tell the family, reduce the hours the water 
and gas is on until someone notices, water heating can be reduced a lot 
I found till you just have enough hot water to wash in the 
morning/evening as required.

Following on from that, if you do have gym membership, shower there. If 
not don't shower daily unless you smell ;)

I'd put the wife out to work, she'll be guzzling energy whilst at home, 
probably with heating on, whilst playing a radio in one room, using a 
computer playing bingo and chatting online in another and tv on in the 
lounge, the lights will be on throughout the house despite not needing to ;)

On 01/02/2013 3:45 PM, Damian Webber wrote:
> Here's what is frightening
> Council Tax, Gas + Elec, Home phone + Broadband, Mortgage, Water, Wood (for
> heating) total £19849 for the year!!! That's £25,480 of gross salary gone
> already!!!
> I could send the wife out to work but her wage would only just pay for
> childcare
> Now who on _underscore would like to hire a very capable wife in term time
> (school hours preferably - which is a conundrum for another day)
> D
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> On 1 February 2013 15:10, Damian Webber <damian.webber at> wrote:
>> That's exactly the discussion I just had with my wife. I think a pre-paid
>> credit card might be good for entertainment/clothes/shoes/luxuries.
>> Also, we shop in Aldi. I think £115 p/w isn't bad for all shopping. In
>> fact it's the 'extra' trips to local Waitrose and Co-op for "God knows
>> what" that pushes the average up
>> I'm happy to receive any tips - God knows I should be left with some
>> change after a net income of £3800!!!
>> *Damian Webber*
>> Knowledge Management Consultant
>> @damianwebber <> | 07590 807 252
>> On 1 February 2013 14:58, Stewart <stewart at> wrote:
>>> In my experience it's a simple case of having separate savings funds for
>>> everything, from Christmas to peoples birthdays, holidays and longer term
>>> savings such as ISAs. I then have a standing order into each of these as
>>> soon as I get paid each month so the only money I have ready access to is
>>> genuinely disposable. Other than that Lloyds TSB 'save the change' is a
>>> good way of building a small nest-egg without feeling any pain. Also, shop
>>> in Lidl, you'll save money on food then.
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