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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Peter texmarshall at
Fri Feb 1 15:56:09 GMT 2013

Weekly menu planning, and then shopping online, has been the most effective
way we've found to keep food costs down.

Even if you end up spending up to a fiver on delivery (less if you can
manage a fortnightly cycle), it saves the extra end of aisle promotion, till
point confectionary temptations, general stress and strain of getting out
there, parking etc. And if you're working to a menu, less waste.

Aside from that I found getting rid of the children, and other pets, quite a
money saver.  Kept the chickens though as they do make a contribution to the
enterprise, and are really funny.

But then I go and blow it all on dry rot renovations, BSA parts, Land Rover
gearboxes, so what do I know?