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[_] Advisor for home budgeting?

Martin Wheatley martin at
Fri Feb 1 15:19:57 GMT 2013

£115 sounds like a lot to me for food shopping.

Plan a menu in advance, and make a list before you go, and stick to it, 
think if you really need items such as fizzy pop, crisps, alcohol etc, 
use them as treats rather than weekly occurrence.

Buy bulk (costco if possible) for house hold items that you can put away 
and just use, buy bulk food and cook bulk then freeze. Buy things from 
the discount just about to go out of date section if freeze-able and 
save for meals the next week.

Eat smaller portions. Drink water.

We find we can do one maybe two large shops a month (£60-70), then small 
shops to get fresh fruit/veg in between.

Don't shop in expensive supermarkets.

On 01/02/2013 3:10 PM, Damian Webber wrote:
> That's exactly the discussion I just had with my wife. I think a pre-paid
> credit card might be good for entertainment/clothes/shoes/luxuries.
> Also, we shop in Aldi. I think £115 p/w isn't bad for all shopping. In fact
> it's the 'extra' trips to local Waitrose and Co-op for "God knows what"
> that pushes the average up
> I'm happy to receive any tips - God knows I should be left with some change
> after a net income of £3800!!!
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> On 1 February 2013 14:58, Stewart <stewart at> wrote:
>> In my experience it's a simple case of having separate savings funds for
>> everything, from Christmas to peoples birthdays, holidays and longer term
>> savings such as ISAs. I then have a standing order into each of these as
>> soon as I get paid each month so the only money I have ready access to is
>> genuinely disposable. Other than that Lloyds TSB 'save the change' is a
>> good way of building a small nest-egg without feeling any pain. Also, shop
>> in Lidl, you'll save money on food then.
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