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[_] YouTube APIs developer event in London - preferences?

Tim Wintle timwintle at
Fri Feb 1 10:03:39 GMT 2013

Appealing to the random[0] sampling of _ , and wearing my
(non-google-employee) YouTube hat:

YouTube are planning on holding a developer event at Campus London
around April, following the hugely successful LA hackathon last weekend.

I've been asked how this format would go down here in Blighty..

In LA there was a short codelab before it began to go through the
various youtube APIs and how to get started with them - so if people are
particularly interested in HTML5, native Android or Google TV etc then
let me know and they can tailor their codelab to suit.

So, questions:

 (1) Does the weekend Hackathon format appeal to you? Would a codelab
style event appeal more?

 (2) Are you currently using YouTube APIs, if so which ones? [1]

 (3) Are you likely to go? (or would you if you were free)



[0] _ may not be statistically uniform, but it's definitely "random".