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[_] Knee-jerk CV buzzword survey

Andy Davies dajdavies at
Fri Aug 30 11:31:24 BST 2013

Not enough information to answer the question…

Is it the only thing they've done, what others skills do they have, look at
their aptitude and general attitude etc.

Don't forget there are some reasonably large ecommerce sites built in Cold
Fusion - Love Honey being one I believe (unless they've moved on)

On 30 August 2013 07:46, Martin Joiner <martin at> wrote:

> Imagine you are sorting through a stack of CVs for a web developer role.
> Time is of the essence and you are looking for separating factors.  One
> particular candidate has stated that they were coding in ColdFusion during
> 2013. What is your immediate gut reaction to that particular line on the CV?
> A) Tend *more* toward accepting candidate.
> B) Tend *less* toward accepting candidate.
> C) *Indifference*. Move on to next line.
> D) Other...
> Don't worry, I'm not collating answers to be presented as scientific
> evidence. Purely anecdote fodder. I just want to guage public opinion of
> ColdFusion within my local IT community.
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