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[_] No Agencies!!!

Steve Kirtley steve.kirtley at
Thu Aug 29 10:29:43 BST 2013

In fairness to Stewart I think Novate is pretty close to being that agency
- they're the only agency I've ever wanted to work through (most put me off
with the first email "I found your CV and noticed you have none of the
skillsets for this role I'm not officially recruiting for etc etc"), and
the placement in question was well suited to my skillset. After Stewart
(and team) recommended candidates the tech director of the firm in question
filtered the selection and made the choices.
They're also the only recruitment agency I'm aware of sponsoring (and more
importantly attending) local geeky events.

Some understanding of technical concepts is definitely important if
recruiting into that sector but should he really need to know about form
design / best practices?
Yes the entire industry of tech recruiters could be better - but given so
many of them can't tell the difference between different technologies I
think expecting a decent knowledge of the techs/languages themselves might
be the wrong expectation.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:21 AM, paddy uglow <paddy at> wrote:

> Wow! that could have been scripted! Or is it part of a machiavellian
> recruitment ruse, Stew? ;-) I was tempted to reply to the checkboxes but
> I'd have felt mean, and I knew there'd plenty of meaner people than me on
> Underscore ;-)
> A scan of a few of the many agency bashing threads in the Underscore
> archive would be a great place to research setting up a much more
> industry-friendly agency. Maybe Novate IT could be that agency?
> Or maybe recruitment agencies are just another industry that the internet
> is killing off?
> Discuss (if you want)
> - Paddy
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