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[_] No Agencies!!!

Damian Webber damian.webber at
Thu Aug 29 10:04:45 BST 2013

I should say that a recruitment company helped me get my current role and I
thought they were absolutely excellent from my perspective as the
parameters for my choice of jobs was somewhat limiting

I think that _underscore is a great place to find freelancers and experts.
It's a place to learn more about people than you can from their CVs.
Perhaps employers would rather look to the local community before spending
on recruitment company services.

Shout out to the following who have been invaluable to me over the years
who have all made contact (or been recommended) through _underscore. All
personable, dependable, experts :-)
» Tim Corkerton
» Max Saunders
» Joel Sudworth
» Alan Shaw
» Owen Curtis-Quick

Thanks guys

*Damian Webber*
Knowledge Management Consultant
@damianwebber <> | 07590 807 252

On 29 August 2013 09:47, Stewart <stewart at> wrote:

> Thanks for all the feedback, it is useful. Thank you to those who have
> chosen to respond and/or comment.
> I'll avoid the obvious temptation to defend my industry as much of the
> conduct you refer to I've heard from clients already. Equally I also know
> why the rest of us get more positive feedback from the companies and
> applicants who use our services.
> Happy Thursday!
> Stew
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