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[_] No Agencies!!!

Nigel Legg nigel.legg at
Thu Aug 29 08:58:10 BST 2013

Multiple response questions are used all the time in true market research.
As with building websites for Audi, maybe you had better find someone who
knows what they are doing to run your little poll for you.  Multiple
response questions don't "bork the data", they give you different data
which, in this case, might be more meaningful as more people would (might)
be prepared to respond by clicking on the poll rather than commenting on

Cheers, Nigel
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On 29 August 2013 08:41, Stewart <stewart at> wrote:

> > If you genuinely don't know the difference between radio fields and tick
> boxes then what the hell kind of a chance have you got of finding someone
> with the right skills to match a role?
> What a fabulously 'underscore' response! So by this rational you wouldn't
> design a website for Audi or Bose unless you had a firm grasp of all the
> terminology used in automotive or consumer electronics manufacture!! Bunkum!
> No, I deliberately chose to allow respondents to only choose one answer as
> I wanted to produce a result which showed X people think this and Y people
> think that. Allowing multiple choices would bork the data making it more
> difficult to interpret, this was only intended to be a quick 'show of
> hands' survey.
> I guess if you want to respond you should choose your 'main' reason.
> Andy Gale is right, I should have included his 'last resort' response too,
> if that's your view then perhaps leave it as a comment.
> Cheers
> Stewart
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