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[_] No Agencies!!!

Stewart stewart at
Wed Aug 28 17:35:24 BST 2013

Afternoon All

It seems 19 out of 20 vacancies posted on [_] carry the 'No Agencies' footnote, and the remaining one has simply forgotten to put it. It's made me wonder if you are all fabulously successful at finding employees / contractors via direct channels or if there might be another reason. Don't worry, I'm not feeling (too) shunned, us Recruitment Consultants are pretty thick skinned sorts, it's simply just a bit of a head-scratcher for me!

With this in mind I've created a little poll to see what the story is behind the statement, I'd be very grateful if you'd take a moment to answer the one question detailed here (obviously this is aimed at employers and those touching the recruitment process). The results will also be there for all to see but equally I'm happy to report back the results at a later date. The site doesn't record who you are so please don't view this as a cynical exercise in gaining insider info about your firm's hiring practices!

All the best


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