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[_] OT: Estate Agents

Katja Durrani mail at
Mon Aug 19 01:43:22 BST 2013

We've had good experiences with Richard Harding. We had decided to 
switch to them from Ocean, after we had viewed a property they (R.H.) 
had on the market, and they managed to sell our flat to the person we 
were going to buy from! Without charging us anything, because we had not 
yet completely switched to them. Specific circumstances, but not sure 
everybody would have been aware of that possibility (and successfully 
suggested it to the other party). Also, they just seemed generally very 
helpful and friendly, and pay attention to detail.


On 18/08/13 15:34, Dan Fairs wrote:
> Hi [_],
> We're thinking of moving house. Aside from inevitably being a painful and horrendous process, can anyone recommend a decent estate agent? We're currently up Horfield way, thinking of heading towards Westbury-on-Trym or Henleaze, somewhere like that.
> Related: anyone want a house in Horfield? :)
> Cheers,
> Dan
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