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[_] Selling a domain name

Dave Sayer dave at
Tue Aug 6 16:49:21 BST 2013

On 6 August 2013 16:32, paddy uglow <paddy at> wrote:
> A bit more on-topic, I sold for around £150 a few years back.

I built a family business site back in 2001 called 'flameshield' on a
.net suffix and after a month or so, got a strongly worded email from
a large law firm in the US saying that I was using their clients
trademark and would have to hand it over. I went to a solicitor in
Bath who took me on no win no fee and said he'd see if we could sell
it to them and would charge me 30% of whatever we ended up with. He
went in at 10K... they laughed ... he then went for 1K and they
accepted, so I sold my first domain for £700 after paying my legal
fees. :)

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