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[_] Unwanted Gaming PC?

Mike Prudence mjp at
Thu Aug 1 16:53:48 BST 2013

Hi guys,

On 01/08/13 16:10, underscore-request at wrote:
> On 1 August 2013 14:39, Ryan T Nerd
> <bristol.developer.ryan at>wrote:
>> >My experience of trying to run Minecraft on underpowered hardware was not
>> >pleasant, you have been warned!
>> >

Life's too short to play Minecraft, I tell you....

It might be worth looking at this :-

The PC Gamer rig is always my starting point when thinking about an 
upgrade, but their price point is about a grand.  This 'son of the rig' 
might do what you want but for a helluva lot cheaper.




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