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[_] Unwanted Gaming PC?

Ryan T Nerd bristol.developer.ryan at
Thu Aug 1 14:01:12 BST 2013

Hmm £200 won't go far tbh. For that kind of money you might be able to game
but the experience will be pretty rotten. Believe me when I say that a good
gaming PC is a worthwhile investment as tbh specs aren't increasing rapidly
enough for it to become obsolete that quickly, ie you'll get a pc now at
mid-range and it'll be fine in 4-5 years. Plus of course you'll also have a
pretty good dev box while you're at it (don't forget you can dual-boot if
you want a dev linux environment for instance) so you could write it off as
a business expense ;)

On 1 August 2013 13:54, Mark Chitty <mark.chitty at> wrote:

> > TBH any modern pc in the £500 range these days will do a decent job of
> > gaming.
> trouble is I don't want to spend that much :o) I'm thinking more along the
> lines of £200 ...
> thing is, I've got a drive, 500W PSU and a box handy, it might be a better
> option to DIY. But I thought maybe, since hardware depreciates so rapidly a
> second hand option might be worth considering ... Esp since I'll only be
> playing at the lower end of the performance spectrum ...
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