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[_] Drupal & and PayPal

Jonathan Laurence jon at
Fri Jul 27 17:43:43 BST 2012

Cheers Paul

I'll have ganders at Drupal Commerce - event wax looks like paying twice! But easy to setup - will have to weigh up which is better and cheaper for the client - she's not loaded (yet!)

On 27 Jul 2012, at 17:32, Paul Lomax wrote:

> Should be fairly simple with Drupal Commerce, create 'products' that are
> the individual event, so an Oct > Nov product entity. Then use a stock
> limit on it to limit the number of sales.
> The one thing about Drupal Commerce is the lack of non beta gateways, I
> think PayPal is fairly well supported, but the integrated payment stuff
> isn't done. So you need to go off site to take payments.
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Jonathan Laurence
> <jon at>wrote:
>> Hi
>> my client wishes me to add PayPal to her Drupal 7 site. She runs workshops
>> say for October and November with 8 places available on each course. I've
>> used PayPay with HTML CSS sites before and was really easy to set up. But I
>> never had a finite requirement before. She wants PayPay to accept payments
>> until all the places are taken, then I suppose the click thru to PayPal
>> cease saying something like 'thanks for choosing my workshops, they are now
>> full for October 2012, please look out for up coming courses' .
>> I've been looking thru the available modules  - a lot seem to be for older
>> Drupal versions and some devs in 7. I thought I'd save a little time and
>> ask if there's a simple module about that one of you may have used that may
>> fit the bill?
>> Cheers in advance
>> Jon
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