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That is a very good breakdown, saved for later reuse =) 

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For projects:
- you have little choice but to do finishing-post QA, i.e. inspection of finished result
- you can try and build quality in early by how you spec and design, and by prototyping lots, but it's just so much harder for one-offs, you have to do a lot of work to find the cases 
- you need strong project managers (or other leaders) who are all over the detail and take responsibility; 
- people > process; lots of stuff will only be known by one person, you can't systematise it, nor build in redundancy, it's way too much overhead
- you need a good way to handle maintenance / remediation, where all the significant details might have been lost to mists of time

^ this is (mostly) how we go about landing golf balls in convertibles at 160mph 

For products:
- focus on designed in quality, rather than inspection of what is produced, this sounds easy & smart to say, but is very hard to do imho
- limit variation.  Variation quickly leads to combinatorial explosion, blearch.  Be prepared to lose customers rather than customise something for them.
- process ~= people.  i.e. people will make a remarkable product, not a process.  But a process helps when it's Tuesday and raining, and Bob is sick but it's ok because Bob isn't the only one who knows how to open umbrellas.
- project managers may be a hinderance not a help; products are about having a system of continuous operations, they're not a slog/sprint to an end goal.  Product owners ftw.  Product owner holds the P&L responsibility.
- having very short lead times help you with maintenance and remediation, as well as making new sales

^ this is how we go about building software to sell to customers around the world



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