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[_] scrum master contract in bath - which company?

David Abraham David.Abraham at
Thu Jul 26 11:37:05 BST 2012

I also agree, but how do you sift the dirt from the gold? How do we know that we are not really undoing an honest hardworking consultants good work?

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> (b) The Recruiter has seen the job online and thinks they can get some
money out of putting people forward to the company, although they aren't officially representing them.

> In (b) then you're not doing anything worse than they are trying to do.

I'm with you Tim, anyone trying to hoodwink you in this manner deserves to get found out and lose out. We suffer an extension of this problem; we recruit for Nokia and have been one of their suppliers for many years yet most of the Bristol IT recruitment community know that Nokia are here and they skills they look for. Many many times I will speak with an applicant who tells me they have already applied to Nokia yet it is via a company I know not to be an official supplier, I then end up spending an age explaining what has happened to them, just to ensure their application really is received and reviewed for the role in question. It's completely unacceptable that an agent could make a job hunter miss out on a perfectly suitable role, simply for the sake of their own commission.

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