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[_] scrum master contract in bath - which company?

David Abraham David.Abraham at
Wed Jul 25 11:21:08 BST 2012

This is not really on guys. While I am not a fan of recruitment consultants plotting to break their privacy and the protection they put in place to keep their clients their own is ridiculous (no matter how weak their process is).

Who wants their next application decompiled and distributed? Any takers? Let me rip off your work!

Feel free to not like them, but wow, plot to harm them, not on! Anyway, carry on with the recruitment bashing.

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On 25/07/12 09:50, Stewart wrote:
> To answer the question in the original post (sort of), you may well be 
> able to crack the code and work out who the hiring company is however 
> the reality is that they're almost certainly not interested in hearing 
> from you directly! Going through a recruiter passes the risk to a 
> third party, protects them against 'employment' legislation and gives 
> them someone to shout at if it all goes wrong!

In my experience as a recent job hunter the majority of recruiters that contacted me about roles seemed to be offering jobs with companies that they weren't officially representing.

Case in point, the job I eventually got after applying directly to the company via their LinkedIn job posting was later proposed to me by four or five recruitment agencies. As soon as they started describing the job to me I'd recognise it and tell them the name of the company. They'd then get all sheepish and I'd tell them I'd already applied for it. 
After starting the job I found out that the company had never engaged any recruitment agencies and generally ignore any submissions from them.

If I hadn't seen the LinkedIn ad and had pinned my hopes on a recruiter getting my application into the company I would have missed out.


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