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Tom Holder taholder at
Wed Jul 18 11:10:46 BST 2012

Hi Samantha,

That's really good to hear. Especially them being able to retrieve what
looked like unrecoverable data.

I have a Rackspace account manager visiting me Monday (can't refuse a free
lunch!) so I will raise your concerns with them. We're just about to spend
a sizeable chunk of money with them so I'll see what they have to say. I
haven't personally experienced anything but awesome support from them, but
clearly you're not the only person to think this and their service is not

I guess one thing I like about rackspace is that they're not
an acquisition target. We've had excellent service from Bytemark, but for
some stuff I'd be worried they might get acquired by someone bigger (like
rackspace!) and their service offering change.


On 18 July 2012 10:55, Samantha Mignano <sam at> wrote:

> I wanted to give an update on UK Fast, and also touch on what Steve L said
> about Rackspace too.
> UK Fast really turned things around over the weekend for my client and I
> for one was very impressed with their commitment and professionalism in the
> face of extreme pressure from customers and the situation. As someone else
> said on here - few data centres could cope easily and seamlessly with a SAN
> failure and when Dell told UKFast on Friday that they had a 1% chance of
> recovering the data they refused to accept this and worked round the clock
> to get 100% of the data back. For one reason and another, my client did not
> have access to his backups and had UKFast not been able to recover his
> site, my client would have been in dire straits. What this issue did
> highlight to my client was that he had been wrongly advised by previous
> technical consultants that the cloud was suitable for him, and as such has
> now chosen to move his site to a dedicated solution (hence my other post
> about Symfony).
> I have had a dedicated server with Rackspace for the past 7 years plus a
> couple of cloud solutions for the past 4 months from them also. I used to
> feel like a valued customer but no more. In the past year I have noticed a
> steady decline in service, and the attitudes of the account management and
> some technical staff. It seems Rackspace have become complacent.
> What I saw this weekend from UKFast in terms of dedication and
> professionalism was outstanding (and I dont say that lightly or very often).
> In fact I am so impressed with them, I am purchased a dedicated server
> from them yesterday and plan to move away from Rackspace altogether.
> UK Fast have totally changed my opinion of them by their actions these
> last few days - just as its important to share when things go wrong, its
> also important to balance that with when a company goes above and beyond to
> put things right.
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> On 17 Jul 2012, at 01:46, Lyle wrote:
> > On 16/07/2012 14:14, Steve Lacey wrote:
> >> Regarding Lyle's point, IIRC don't providers have to justify any IP's
> that are in addition to the primary one given with the server? I thought it
> was some kind of effort to reduce overuse of IPv4? Also, I thought it was
> only a few pound a month per additional IP on RackSpace?
> >
> > If you've got a lot of SSL certs then that few pound a month really adds
> up. Multiply that over a few years, and they've had hundreds of pounds of
> you for something that is essentially costing them nothing. If they really
> wanted to charge me to IP assignment then fine, if they really
> can't/haven't automated the process. But to continue charging me monthly?
> Get stretched. Amazon EC2 just give you the IPs you want, they only charge
> you if you don't use them. That seemed a LOT fairer to me.
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