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[_] lightbox + ipad, flexslider v2

Chris Dawson chris at
Fri Jul 6 08:00:37 BST 2012

i'm trying to find an opensource lightbox script for jquery which works
reasonably well with mobile devices. the main thing i'd like to find is
something which supports swipe gesture when in multiple image view mode.
i.e. where there's multiple images on a page and the user clicks an image to
enlarge it as well as next and previous arrows they can swipe.

i've looked at colorbox and fancybox etc.

NB the site also uses flexslider v2 (just out ) which does work well for slider
swiping on mobiles, and it would make sense to avoid having 2 scripts which
sort of do the same thing, but i'm not sure how to make flexslider operate
within an overlay lightbox context.

any suggestions? OR... if someone with good jquery dev skills wanted a
project to customise one of the above we could talk about what's