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[_] handbrake - encoding video for android (mobiles other than iphone)

juan kennaugh contact at
Wed Jul 4 16:01:01 BST 2012

Hi Neil

cheers for the offer of the phone lend - maybe I'll take you up on that 
another time :-)

I saw the android presets but they seem pretty much the same as except 
for the framerate being changed from 'same as source' to a specific peak 
framerate '(29.97 (NTSC Video)' + plus a RF value of 22 rather than 20 
in the costant quality section.

I dont want to encode a version for ios and android.

although - I'll try the android preset just to see what happens.



On 04/07/2012 15:42, Neil Fraser wrote:
> Hi
> I use handbrake to encode recorded TV for watching on my android
> tablet and phone (for personal use).
> The latest version comes with 2 android specific pre-sets. In that
> past I have used various bit rates and image sizes and for current and
> previous generation android phones you can be pretty tolerant of
> either.
> Personally I've taken to transcoding to a specific size file depending
> on how important/long/visual the clip in question is.
> Does that help at all?
> If you want to borrow a previous generation android phone I can do
> without my spare for a few days if that helps.
> Neil