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[_] handbrake - encoding video for android (mobiles other than iphone)

juan kennaugh contact at
Wed Jul 4 15:00:48 BST 2012

Hi all

I've been messing about trying to encode video to work on mobiles other 
than iphone/ipad.

I haven't got an android phone to test on - but I've been using an 
emulator in - which doesnt actually play the movie cos 
it's so slow but it at least will show a frame of the video to show it's 

I have managed to get a video to show up in a galaxy S2 by using the 
'iPhone & iPod touch' preset in handbrake. But I needed to turn off 
'contact quality' in the video quality setting, and set an average 
bitrate of 960.

So I'm just wondering is it all a bit trial and error?

1. are the bitrate and video size limitations of phones related (ie: if 
I reduce the size of a video can I increase the bitrate) ?

2. do any of you peeps encode separate video clips for mobile and non 
mobile (I'm already encoding mp4,ogv,webm). I'm using jwplayer so I 
could check if the client is mobile and provide a mobile version of the 

3. Will most mobiles play mp4 (I'm having trouble finding a list 
phones/file types)?

Cheers in advance if anyone has any info about this dark art.