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[_] 6Music listener?

Aden forshaw aden.forshaw at
Wed Feb 29 13:16:26 GMT 2012

Well Coull has an API feed that aggregates a quite a few of the services together. 
So you can search it for an artist/song and it'll return Amazon, iTunes links, merch and gig tickets in one feed. And it means you can get all the reports and payments together, rather than having to do it with all the companies yourself. iTunes alone has over 20 different programmes for different countries across multiple networks.

You won't get rich from iTunes 4% commission on a .69p track, but Gig tickets can be a nice little earner, so Songkick or ticketmaster would definitely be worth a look.

Give me a shout offline if you want a full list of networks and services to look at, or you want access to the Coull API.



On 29 Feb 2012, at 12:05, James Wragg <james.wragg at> wrote:

> Good stuff! Glad you guys like it & hopefully find it as useful as I am.
> I've just deployed a little treat for those running it in Fluid –
> Growl notifications (optional). So if you have Growl installed,
> restart the app and you should start seeing growls for new tracks.
> A link to iPlayer link is a bit of an oversight, doh! As for iTunes
> links etc. anyone got any pointers on how to integrate?
> Thanks,
> James
> On 29 February 2012 11:45, Edward Johns <ejdomreg at> wrote:
>> On Feb 29, 2012 10:55 AM, "Steve James" <us.redpumas at> wrote:
>>> On 28 February 2012 17:21, James Wragg <james.wragg at> wrote:
>>>> Afternoon list,
>>>> Listen to 6Music much? If so, I made a little site for myself the
>>>> other weekend that some of you may find handy:
>>>> "Your BBC 6 Music companion. Updates along with the current playing
>>>> track, pulling in artist artwork, bio’s, links and searches Spotify."
>>>> Works best in browsers that support H/W accelerated CSS animations
>>>> (e.g. iOS/webkit), a bit clunky in FireFox, milage will vary with
>>>> other browsers. I've found it works particularly nicely wrapped as a
>>>> Fluid App.
>>>> Any ideas/suggestions let me know!
>> Working perfectly in Ice Cream Sandwich. Running it while streaming the
>> station.
>> Not sure how much longer my battery is going to hold out though!
>> A link to Amazon / iTunes download might be useful?
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