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[_] Web traffic monitor and proxy

Drew Webber drew.m.j.webber at
Mon Feb 27 17:50:07 GMT 2012

Hi Ryan,

> ... Monitoring probably isn't the right word.
> Blocking Facebook/YouTube/Twitter etc etc during work and checking bandwith
> usage might be better description which I don't think require any special
> skills.
> There was an instance of the internet being extremely slow sometimes. Took a
> week of investigating but eventually it was tracked to an employee live
> streaming a surf webcam all day.
> A simple software graph / stats would have shown that up easily.

I would have a look at a few of the linux/BSD firewall distros - in
particular I've heard good things about pfsense (BSD), which I believe
has a live CD version. IPcop (linux) is also supposed to be good.

Although their main function is obviously as a firewall, I believe
they can also help with running a proxy / content filtering etc...
(albeit perhaps via plugins / modules) and they aim to have easy to
use web interfaces.

Perhaps give a couple of them a try in a VM and see if they fit the requirement?

Another (simple but not exactly bullet-proof) option would be using
something like openDNS and setting some content filtering on that.
Probably wouldn't have helped with the surfing enthusiast hogging all
the bandwidth though.