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Matt Hamilton matth at
Mon Feb 27 10:48:51 GMT 2012

On 25 Feb 2012, at 19:13, Becky wrote:

> I get very annoyed when people make personal attacks at others and have
> been told on occasion that I'm far too sensitive about things like that,
> but even on re-reading the thread I can't find anything that isn't just a
> bit of sarcasm and/or pointing out the very obvious fact that the website
> is technically incredibly poor for today's internet market.
> All a bit sad for Bristol and the Internet as a whole. :(

Indeed. Looking back I certainly don't see it as bullying at all. I think if someone built some great big pile of poo structure in the middle of the city and it was structurally unsound, a visual eyesore, and fell short of disability access legislation; and when it was pointed out how bad it was the person responsible said "Well, I'm not really an architect, just an interior designer" then I think we'd still all be up in arms.

I think the main point here is that I think there should be some responsibility for this taken at a higher level. Possibly even Bristol City Council. Going with the analogy above, I'm sure BCC would have something to say about it (probably before it was even built as would need some kind of planning permission). Why any different for a virtual thing?


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