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Becky sakarava at
Sat Feb 25 19:13:50 GMT 2012

Thank you for replying.

It's sad that that woman felt she had to email everyone in that manner.

Rule number one when something annoys you, write it down, WALK AWAY, and
re-write it the next day when you've had a chance to calm down, think
things through and realise that if you've done a bad job, made it public
and can't delete or rectify it then you just have to live with the
consequences of people saying that it's a bad job.... reminds me of an
answer I had to delete on StackOverflow because quite frankly I had a
moment of complete and utter stupity, but if someone told me I was a moron
for my comment and could prove why, then fair play to them for being
smarter than me at that time.

I get very annoyed when people make personal attacks at others and have
been told on occasion that I'm far too sensitive about things like that,
but even on re-reading the thread I can't find anything that isn't just a
bit of sarcasm and/or pointing out the very obvious fact that the website
is technically incredibly poor for today's internet market.

All a bit sad for Bristol and the Internet as a whole. :(

On 25 February 2012 18:20, Tim Wintle <timwintle at> wrote:

> On Sat, 2012-02-25 at 17:46 +0000, Becky wrote:
> > if this mailing list has ever had any associations with the University of
> > Bristol
> As far as I know the only connection is that quite a few list
> subscribers went there at some point. Possibly one of the people on that
> thread had a email address? I'm not sure.
> > what piper mail is? or is that the software used to manage this list?
> Fairly much - pipermail is the part of mailman that archives emails and
> makes them available online. It's in use on so many popular mailing
> lists that it's not an easy term to google for!
> > and whether or not I've missed some thread here that was far nastier than
> > messages sent on 16th/17th February
> Those are the emails in question.
> FYI I got this same email and replied to her off-list this morning, so
> she is aware of the UoB/pipermail points above (before loads of people
> send her emails explaining).
> Tim
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