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[_] Customising SagePay server payment pages - XSLT templates

Tom Davies underscore at
Wed Feb 22 22:27:26 GMT 2012

Anyone out there in _ land with experience of customising SagePay's payment
pages via their XSLT template kit?

If that sounds like you and you have some short to medium term availability
then please do drop me a line off-list as I have a nice (hopefully) fairly
simple integration job for an existing site (currently using SagePay Direct
but client no longer wants the faff of going through PCI...) that I'd like
to hand off to a capable someone. Have got a budget for this but probably a
better fit for a freelancer than an agency.

Failing that does anyone any advice/experience of how much of a mission
said integration is likely to be for someone with decent-ish web chops but
no prior XSLT experience?

Cheers in advance,