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[_] Scrubbing video

Alex Martin alex at
Wed Feb 8 12:09:22 GMT 2012


I¹m trying to create an interactive 3D piece which has a video player that
allows me to scrub video backwards and forwards. Moving the play-head
backwards would play the video in reverse, forward plays it forward. The
video would never actually play normally, only playing by dragging the

I imagine this is fairly straight forward in Flash, but wondering if it can
be done with HTML5, so it will work on IOS? Anyone seen this done anywhere
before, or a player/framework that supports this?

I found this demo, which works ok in Firefox, but is a little flakey in

My iPhone seems to want to open video in it¹s own Quicktime player. Is there
a way to avoid it doing this so I can use my own timeline controls and it
can remain within my page?

It¹ll need to support IE7/8, so will probably have to do a flash version
anyway, but would be nice to do it with HTML5 if possible.