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[_] eCommerce UX question

Daniel Hilton daniel.hilton at
Tue Feb 7 16:03:44 GMT 2012

On 7 February 2012 15:59, Chris Dawson <chris at> wrote:
> i would think any online payment process that follows an unusual path is
> naturally going to deter a significant % of customers. are you thinking this
> method would be the *only* choice, or would there be a more standard credit
> card/paypal option too?
> i think perhaps the biggest obstacle with direct debits is the fact that
> people perceive them as giving quite a lot of control to the retailer (in
> terms of future transactions, changing amounts etc.). i know i've stopped
> using direct debit with a couple of utility companies purely because they
> can and do add spurious/random amounts to monthly bills (and then it takes a
> good couple of hours of my time to get them to credit them back).
> it's about perception - is this for one off payments? or a repeat
> subscription type thing? is it for a well known brand, or a small retailer?

It's for recurring payments with a new startup but in an industry that
regularly uses DD as it's main payment method.

Which makes me think it'll probably work.

> chris
>> From: Daniel Hilton <daniel.hilton at>
>> Hey [_]
>> A quick UX question to throw out there. I've been playing with the
>> goCardless payment API:
>> The basic premise is that you can setup a payment direct debt rather
>> than do a payment through a Credit / Merchant card and then the money
>> is settled to you
>> via a bank transfer.
>> My question is:
>> How would people having to enter their bank details as opposed to
>> their credit card details affect conversion rates?
>> Would it deter / slow people down as they don't know have access to
>> those details as easily as card details? Or would they be frightened
>> by the very fact that they are putting their bank details in rather
>> than their card details?
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