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[_] How long to do a Google apps migration?

Keir Moffatt hello at
Thu Feb 2 12:04:20 GMT 2012

On 1 February 2012 17:24, Dulcie Fulton <dulcie at> wrote:

> I have a client who's thinking of migrating from windows live hotmail to
> Google Apps for business.
> They'd be looking to set up 6 email addresses running off their domain,
> and pull in all their old email from hotmail. They'd also want to get
> multiple calendars synching across PC desktop and mobile devices (iPad and
> iPhone).
> Does anyone have any idea how long this might take to set up? The client's
> wondering how much it might cost for me to do it, or if they could do it
> in-house.

Hey Dulcie,

I usually quote between 0.5 - 1 day for Google Apps set up and migration,
depending on the complexity. Whilst the basics are really straightforward,
getting everything synched up and, invariably, guiding the users through
the setup (even though Google's help docs are really good) can take up a
sizeable chunk of the time.

Only thing I'm not sure about is pulling Hotmail emails into Gmail - Gmail
can suck in emails from a POP account but, last time I checked, Microsoft
in their infinite wisdom didn't have Hotmail support POP (or at least true
POP in a way that could be sucked into Gmail) - this could have changed by
now though, and I'm sure some Googling would show up a means to do it.

Hope that helps,