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[_] Digital camera recommendations

Tom Gidden tom at
Thu Feb 2 12:00:33 GMT 2012

Typically [_], I've got a Canon PowerShot S95, which is marvellous. I've never needed to use the flash, even in a dark restaurant... it's astonishingly sensitive. Admittedly, the few times I've used the flash it's been as underwhelming as you'd expect for a small camera. I believe you can get a little Canon slave flash triggered, as you say, on the main flash. I've added a filter ring attachment and an extra grip.

There's a new S100 model out now, with what for me would be a killer feature: GPS (as I'm an EXIF nerd)

The only time I use my dSLR nowadays is when taking posed stuff for (e.g.) passport photos. I didn't bother bringing it with me on two recent holidays... even knowing I was going to see the Shuttle in the VAB for a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The S95 did just fine.