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[_] Music via phone

Damian Webber damian.webber at
Wed Feb 1 09:29:06 GMT 2012

Just ring HMRC - you'll have music for an hour or so!

Or if you know someone with a BT MeetMe phone number, call the number
without a chairperson and you'll get the onhold music for as long as you


On 1 February 2012 08:29, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:

> Hallo all,
> I'm trying to test phone quality issues, and I wondered if there's a UK
> phone number I can dial to listen to continuous music (preferably
> freephone, but doesn't have to be)? A bit like the old TMBG dial-a-song.
> Any search I've tried involving "music" and "phone" doesn't really yield
> much, for obvious reasons... And no, I don't want to set up asterisk
> somewhere: it's asterisk I'm trying to test :)
> As a last resort I'll try BT customer services, but there's a (very small)
> risk I might end up speaking to a human.
> Thanks,
> Oliver.
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