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[_] Question on Keynote...

Robin Layfield robin at
Fri Sep 30 16:47:53 BST 2011

 Hi Andy, 

have you tried putting a box shape over the image and under your text box, then knocking the opacity back on it, so the image below is visible but obscured?

Does that help?



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On Friday, 30 September 2011 at 16:43, Andy Davies wrote:

> Afternoon _
> Stuck with this one and don't know whether I'm missing something or
> it's not possible:
> Putting together some slides in Keynote at the moment..
> Some of the slides are images with a text box over the top of them, I
> can make the text box semi-transparent but is there anyway to blur the
> portion of the image the text box covers?
> Thanks
> Andy
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