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[_] new BBC homepage in Beta

Tom Gidden tom at
Wed Sep 21 11:11:49 BST 2011

On 21 Sep 2011, at 11:03, Paul Deane wrote:

> IMHO. 
> I like the idea, but I've just realised I never use the BBC homepage any
> more. I go straight to sport, news, iPlayer, news, google etc...

TBH, I haven't used the BBC homepage for years for this reason. "" is probably the first thing I type when I get up. BBC homepage, for me, would just be a bunch of static links to all the top BBC destinations.

> Mixing them all up in that top bit implies there is a user need for Kids
> TV, News, Pizza recipe, Mock the Week and Swedish House Mafia in one
> place, which I struggle to believe.

Too true. The only way I think this could work is if it monitored which BBC pages the user visits and adjusts the content as appropriate.


Tom Gidden