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[_] Recommended Android radio app?

angus claydon angus at
Mon Sep 19 14:01:05 BST 2011

+1 from here  Spent weekend listening to radio stations around the
world into the wee hours - many with appalling websites you wouldn't
struggle to find streams on. Way better than the onboard FM radio for
BBC etc on my HTC Wildfire S.



On 19 September 2011 12:45, Paddy Uglow <paddy at> wrote:
>> I've been pleasantly surprised how well tunein on android works
> Thanks Drew (and Amias) - and everyone else I've missed.
> Maybe I'll give TuneIn another go, though it seems to eat the battery too,
> as well as frequent rebuffering on an GTC Wildfire. So yet another
> single-function mobile gadget may be required :-(
> I was looking at Iriver's S100 and (older) B20 media players with DAB; any
> opinions? I've read a few good things about both.
> - Paddy
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