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[_] Like an old friend getting in touch after many years....

Richard Moore richard at
Thu Sep 15 11:28:17 BST 2011

I too received one a really convincing letter through the post a couple 
of weeks ago - for a moment I genuinely thought my ship had come in!

Speaking of Dads, mine had a phone call yesterday from a lady saying she 
was from Windows (?) and that they could see that he had Malware on his 
computer. If he could just type 'command' into his search bar she could 
help him get rid of it.

Fortunately he told her that his son was into computers (??) and that if 
she let him have her number he would get me to call her and find out 
what was going on. I called and the number was unobtainable.

Sneaky ****ers!


Dave Sayer wrote:
> My Dad got one of these in the post a few weeks ago. Old skool...