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[_] IE7 script debugging

Amias Channer me at
Fri Sep 9 17:08:34 BST 2011

Hello Peeps,

I'm trying to debug some javascript in IE7 and am getting useless error
messages , i've tried using DebugBar and IE developer toolbar but none
of them are providing any more information on the error .

the error i get is : Expected identifier, string or number at line 1067
charecter 12 of what it says is the html file that includes the

there are several js files included so i'm guessing that this number is
line 1067 of the whole page with all the included files substituted in
for their script tags. If so how can i find out whats actually there ?

view source shows there are less than 1k lines in the html so that line
number doesn't make sense.

this page uses jquery (1.3.1) and bing maps v7 if that helps.

any tips on javascript debuggery in ie7 would be appreciated.